Beginners Samba Percussion Course 8 weeks starting 16 October 2018

Beginners Samba Percussion Course 8 weeks starting 16 October 2018



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This course of 8 workshops is suitable for complete beginners and those with some playing experience.
It will focus on samba as played by the baterias of Rio’s great samba schools who provide the music for the world famous Rio Carnival.
You will learn the basic samba rhythms and how these are brought together by the various instruments of the bateria; the structure of samba enredo and the signals used by the bateria director to conduct the bateria.
It will be focused around the caixa and chocalho, two vital instruments which help give the samba strength and a good swing. No previous experience is required: however, if these are instruments that you play already and wish to take some time making them stronger then you can do that here too.
The aim is to give you a good foundation for development of your playing by taking part in Paraiso general percussion workshops.
Each of these workshops will be for 1 hour.
Instruments and sticks are provided for the workshops. It’s highly recommended that you buy your own sticks and something to practice on so that you can develop between the workshops - we can advise you on what to buy. But you do not need to bring anything to the workshops as we will always provide instruments & sticks.
Brian Taylor, director of percussion at Paraiso, will lead the course and may be supported by other Paraiso percussionists. .
Time: 7:45 pm every Tuesday starts 16 October & ends 4 December 2018
Location: Haverstock School (opposite Chalk Farm tube station)
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